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Dr Pierre-Michel Forget and Fair Winds Trading Company discuss partnership


21 June 2012

“I met Dr Forget, or as I call him, Dr Carapa, for the first time in September 2009.

Tristan and I travelled to his offices in Brunoy, France, with the intention of filming a discussion on biodiversity for our documentary project.

Our discussion lasted the whole day, finishing with us agreeing to enter into a partnership, centred around studies on everything from biodiversity to fair trade and ultimately leading to his collaboration in the documentary film project! He has had much experience with the Media and has contributed to wildlife documentaries produced by Ushuaia (Nicolas Hulot). He has also participated in films such as Cursed for Gold, which was not only a big success but also had a massive impact on raising awareness around the issues of deforestation, pollution, and human rights in the Amazonian forest.
On top of being a well-respected scientist, he will also make a great character for our film.
The relationship has been surrounded by serendipity. At our initial meeting, we discovered we had both worked with the same Glasgow researcher, Dr Joe Connelly, and today Tristan bumped into Dr Forget on the Paris metro, both en route to Pigalle to buy their children guitars!

We have been in regular communication on the topics of fair trade, ecosystem services, biodiversity and the carapa tree ever since, keeping each other posted on our various projects.

Watch this space!”

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