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Sunset, Cachouane

Mortar fire

1 February 2012

Sunset, Cachouane

Mortar fire in the distance. Started about a week ago. Seems to be getting closer. Makes me a bit nervous with the up-coming elections. The French say if Wade wins there’ll be civil war. The Senegalese say it is not their nature to fight. There will never be a war because everyone here believes in God and listens to their Marabout. And if they start to fight, the Marabouts will tell them to go home, and they will go home. It has been my experience that the Senegalese tend to know more about Senegal than the French.
PS: I am happy to report it was the Senegalese that were right on this point. The elections passed without a rumble. The mortar fire I heard was coming from Guinea-Bissau.

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