Log Book

Pond in Cachouane

Meeting Djembering Rural Community’s president

20 February 2012

I believe in miracles! I can’t meet with the president of the rural community because he’s on the campaign trail, but today, the campaign comes to Cachouane! After three hours of campaign speeches, punctuated by singing, dancing, saxophones and djembes, the meal is served to the entire village. My friends grab me and pull the president and myself aside. In three minutes flat I sum up from my first moment in Cachouane six years ago to the present idea of the tree plantation. He gives me an equally concise and political response… except the finish, where he says ”with partners like you we are sure to succeed, you have come without our asking, just when we need you. You must be sent by God. You are an Angel.” Well, I’ve been called a lot of things in my day, and I assure you, angel is not one of them! But hey, I like it! With that, we have “advance acceptance” of our committee.
Now we just have to get it formed in time to get Djiemy here before I go!

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