Log Book

Women cracking nuts

Filming the making of the oil in Oussouye

14 February 2012

the making of the oil

Finally got shots of a woman from Claude’s village making the oil! Got oil from her the last time I was here; very high quality. I buy a few litres and give her a gift for her time. She thanks me very much, says she wishes the project success and asks if we can find a way to crush the nuts without having to mill them by hand. She says “It hurts here” and gestures to her chest and shoulders.

Hand full of nuts

All the women say the same thing. They could make so much more oil if it were not so difficult; so much physical effort! Along with lifting the water hand-over-hand to water the garden and for daily use, carrying huge loads of firewood for kilometres on their heads, hand-milling the rice, the list goes on and on.

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