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Village commity assembly

Cachouane working group

9 February 2012

Madadh and Dame chatting

I spoke with Dame about the idea of getting together before Tristan goes. I suggested perhaps with the chief, and why not Barro, then the idea comes to film us discussing what action we will take, within the hour we’ve contacted all potential actors and formed a working group. To my delight, they are all not only people I know and love but people I can trust to keep their word and follow through on actions.

Village commity assembly

As we begin, I feel nervous about having called all these people together, unsure how they’ll feel about what I have to say. The camera doesn’t help! I talk about the ideas I’ve discussed with many people before; Abbé Christian, Haidar, the women of the garden.

My idea is to give every family a group of trees that will eventually be profitable to plant on their allotments.

Although it may sometimes be difficult to get the whole village to work together, I have found the large African Family to be the perfect example of a cooperative. As well, if they know that these trees will eventually bare fruit, they will be motivated to make looking after them a priority. Everyone is supportive and adds their ideas. Clearly they’ve all given planting trees a bit of thought, they just needed an outside influence to make it possible.

Madadh and minister Haidar El Ali

It is decided that I shall speak to the Abbé Christian and Claude Gaston of FADDO, “Les Eaux et Forêts”, and the “Region de Ziguinchor” about support for our plan and report back on my return.

Madadh and Abbé Christian

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