Sustainable transport

Fair Winds Trading Company will transport goods by sea with the use of ecologically sustainable renewable energy. Our objective is to design and build a prototype that is fast, manoeuvrable and able to carry a payload, while being simple, economic and ecological to build.
From conception to deconstruction this boat will be 100% eco!

To minimize environmental impact of the boat itself, it will be constructed of recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and sustainable materials. Hydro and wind generators, photovoltaic panels and fabrics will supply electricity to lithium batteries which will meet all on-board energy needs; from automated rigging and engines, to lights and navigational equipment.  The boat will be fitted with tanks and treatment facilities for grey water and sewage.

With this sketch we can imagine the future of cargo transport by sail. Advances in racing technology permit us to conceive of boats like this PraoCargo. Propelled by one self-trimming sail, this 60-metre giant is virtually energy autonomous, thanks to a combination of solar, wind and hydraulic energy. Extremely rapid, highly manoeuvrable, the prao has a low draft, which enables it to navigate shallow rivers and small ports. The double hull allows it to beach in remote areas, giving access to products at point of production.

These qualities make it the perfect boat for sailing between Scotland and the Casamance region of Senegal; a country of forests, rivers and waterways, rich in natural resources, yet with no access to external markets. The Casamance’s placement on the westernmost point of Africa makes it an ideal destination for our pilot project.

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